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Discourse for Two Flutes - Volume 1

The first volume of flute duets is labeled as moderate. This 8 ½ x11 book is 40 pages and features 14 pieces in a variety of styles.  All of the duets are in a contemporary vein and showcase such styles as neoclassicism and free atonalty.  Typically the rhythms and ensemble work between the two instruments present the foremost challenges.  As a result, most of the book will be too difficult for beginning and intermediate players. 

Some commonalties between all the pieces in this book are frequent meter changes and the presence of traditional techniques such as imitation and motivic development.  The use of compound meter is frequent as such time signatures naturally lend themselves to imitative counterpoint.  All of the duets feature some use of traditional formal structure (ie. ABA).  All duets feature no key signature (except for one) and no special effects are used.

Discourse for Two Flutes - Volume 1 | 11.95 USD | Shipping +9.00 USD

The following are some sample pages and sound clips (recorded by myself and XiangQun Shao) from the first volume:

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Discourse for Two Flutes - Volume 1

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