ChrisHalf400Flute 02



Thinking Poems


I thought I had a thought
and thought that I had thought           
where none had thought before                 

I thought about myself
and thought that I
was someone smarter than before

but my thought was no new thought
perhaps taught and thought
by those before

my thoughts are old
my vision dumb
and thinking senseless and blind

Today I thought the same old thought
same as always
the same as you

and with only thoughts
and only words
as mute as time
as dumb as I

I continue to pass through time 

The Minima

I want to buy a Minima
but they only make a Maxima
so I’ll take it!

I need a Maxima
for my Maximal life
because I am an active person
with large things to do
next to all the other Maximals
working hard for their ideals

and I won’t think about the Minima
when I’m in my Maxima
for it’s the wrong thing to do

Our Minds

There is nothing more frustrating
than a maze that changes
as you are in it

The question to be asked
is whether or not the maze changes
to keep you forever contained
or just to keep you interested