ChrisHalf400Flute 02



The Bizarre

The Nuthouse

Welcome to the nuthouse
live forever amongst the almonds
cashews and peanuts
a fine collection
for no purpose at all

Captain Jack

ooo parking lot cleaner ooo

with little burly brushes spinning for me


round and round on its singular front tire

oh Captain Jack
of white and blue stripes
get those troops out of bed
so early


and there
to the city sun
on the morning empty lot
good morning!


whose parking spot shall I stall
when you come for me?

Captain Jack
the leaves and the wrappers
will not do


The Mushroom

Once upon a time there was a mushroom

the choice was fork or spoon
and so I ate it
right from the ground
without making a sound

how strange
and yet how bleak
my body became as red as a beet

I clutched my throat
and cursed and stomped
but to no avail

and in the moment of lapse
I began to collapse
into my own entrails