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Poetry from the Timeline (2018)

Featured Poems by Chris Ludwig from his Facebook Page (2017-2018):

Her Eyes - Chris Ludwig 2018

Cast deep into the wave
would carry her
and all that enthusiasm would bring
in oysters and pearls

the days when even the most
modest of trinkets
cast joy and smiles
radiate throughout the room

shine and blue
the gaze of young
those crystal doors
deep into the soul
would fade

ephemeral moments
pass so quickly
into the cold winds
of that terrible

Your Monster - Chris Ludwig 2018

I am your monster
emerged from the blackened tar
broken and beaten
rage and bitterness

I crawl about 
below your golden throne
on your chess board

The pieces are sticky
from my touch
The rook
tipped and dripping with oil


And I will topple your throne
kick the pieces all about

Walk away

A ghost between the grey and rotting 
city buildings
sidewalks and bridges
Amongst the shadowy destitute

A wasteland of
Death and Checkmate
All from the utterance
of "no"
I won't

Their Most Bitter of Wines - Chris Ludwig 2018

In that dizzying madness
she would place herself
the world spinning
wild and free
on a twisted axis
fingers twirling
long hair and many years

the streaks of headlights
and the roar of nightclubs
cocktails and lineups
spewed out with a fervour
down the sidewalks
city after city

And in the end
they waited for that dawn
so trapped 
deep below the ocean's horizon

Shadows and parched
youth buried
that which cannot be spoken of

the shes and their most bitter of wines

As it was - by Chris Ludwig 

And is…

When the trumpets sound
and grow faint
Go mute

And the buzzards
all about

brought this on
let them in
all of us
the Trojan Horse

this feeding frenzy
this end of times

as the sun hung
at its very lowest

some would remain
to hold up
an ever growing weight

oh so heavy
for an ever withering few

and down it would come
it always does

down would it come
that great weight
with such force
such finality

leaving but a faint stain
of our fathers’ blood
on the pages
of another's history

Us Men - Poem by Chris Ludwig 2018

Who would stand against the current
While the river
Sprays golden sunset

The rush 
Lay quiet

And sooner or later
We come to the end of it

Us few men
In our aloneness

No comfort
In places
People or things

When the river
Swallows us whole
In the height
Of the salmon run

Us beautiful men
Who pushed headstrong
Into the raging rapids
Rocks and whirlpools

Solitary men
Who pass
Amongst eagle, fish and bear
As mere shadows

Mother bear
Mother nature

We would hold strong
In our aloneness

Knowing full well
That we would be consumed
Drowned and silenced
One by one
We would fall

By the noise
Of the warm

Vinyl - Chris Ludwig 2017

Oh so slowly
Was the turntable
So tenderly

Our record
Placed with care
In the silence
Of design

Crack violent
The speakers
When the needle drops

The shiny black resin 
Of the disk
Wobbles and undulates
Oh so awkward
Round and round
So uneven

And our music would play
At slow wanderings
Of revolution

Skipping and crackling
In all our splendid 

Winding out
To sputter
Forever more
In the sameness of
This crackling pattern

So rapid
So unbreakable
At the record’s end

There is no luster
No audience
Where the resin’s shine
Fades and dulls

Sullen and deep
Sullen and dull
At the Earth’s end

Where the music grows silent
Where the seats remain forever

In this abandoned
Concert hall