ChrisHalf400Flute 02




My Dreams have Died

I once thought that dreams were magical
and my mind could travel anywhere

but today the body refused my dream
I saw it happen

dreams turn to dust
we all know that
but sand is more than a futility
a false prophet

it is wrong to dream in a blackened night
where song and words are forever yours

we have always sung these songs
and always will
the same melody

and the dreams were made
to break
the strings of your instrument

dream your dreams
for a while
they are for all of us

and the time for dreaming
is time
to never have existed at all


Teddy Bear

Charity Bear knows what I’ve given
the hardwood floor
another’s time

she loved her charity bear
for real
where one is stuffed
and stitched
with red ribbon and glazed eyes

charity bear
take a life for someone

take a life for me

carry those stitches to somewhere
beyond the guesswork

My Days

the rain and my window
like to have arguments

the rain is a clever fellow
and uses the wind for reasoning

yet, I am always at a loss
because I can never hear
what they are saying

out there