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Recordings in Progress or Proposed

Recordings in Progress

1) An album of Christopher Ludwig's works for two flutes and flute choir

PROGRESS as of February 2023:  

Recorded and Edited:

Discourse for Two Flutes Volume 0 complete (36 tracks Recorded),
Works for Flute Choir (6 works recorded)

Outstanding to be recorded:  

Discourse for Two Flutes Volumes 1, 2, 3


 Chris Ludwig - Flute  Samantha Fu - Flute
 Sammy Tseng - Flute  

2) The Sonatas of Chris Ludwig (four volumes)


 Alina Khvatova - Violin  Danielle Marcinek - Piano
 Chris Ludwig - Flute  Teresa Bowes - PIano

Proposed Future Recording Projects

1) Christopher Ludwig - The Early Works


Danielle Marcinek - Piano