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Hammer With a Master

HammerWithaMasterArtHammer with a Master is Canadian Composer Christopher Ludwig's 8th cd release and consists of his works for accompanied and solo flute. This album features Alice Hu, Christopher Ludwig, Mark McGregor and Jeff Pelletier on Flute, Alina Khvatova on Violin, Tatiana Khvatova and Danielle Marcinek on Piano, and Tatiana Khvatova and Frank Ludwig on Harpsichord.

This newly recorded cd contains works written over a span of 28 years and reflects Mr. Ludwig's wide range of compositional styles and techniques, all of which remain melodic within their contemporary genre.

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Christopher Ludwig - Music, Flute
Alice Hu, Christopher Ludwig, Mark McGregor, Jeff Pelletier - Flute
Alina Khvatova - Violin
Tatiana Khvatova, Danielle Marcinek - Piano
Tatiana Khvatova, Frank Ludwig - Harpsichord

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Alice Hu (1, 3, 6, 9)
Christopher Ludwig (7, 10, 12 - 13, 16)
Mark McGregor (5, 15)
Jeff Pelletier (2, 4, 11, 14)
Alina Khvatova (1, 9)
Tatiana Khvatova (1)
Danielle Marcinek (2 - 4, 6, 11, 13 - 15)
Tatiana Khvatova (9)
Frank Ludwig (8)