ChrisHalf400Flute 02



Cat Toy

Cat Toy 

a red and black
a small round pillow
attached to an elasticized string
with two googly eyes
in tatters

tossed in the air
and captured by claws

for a taunt
then grabbed
and pounced upon

and what little is left --

tatters with white stuffing coming out
its string torn in half
attached to a ripped
piece of fabric
still bravely fights on
even when bounced
off the ceiling repeatedly

and as usual
when it threatens to escape
it is quickly captured
and rolled on
or perhaps gnawed

its catnip center
spreads through the fabric
to incite the enemy

for it is loved
as a predator loves its prey
for a short time
until it is time to eat
or have a nap

the squid comes to rest
in the center of the hallway
guarding the entrance to the kitchen
like an aging feudal knight