Outdoor Wedding

Outdoor Wedding

two flutes play
wagner’s wedding march
bach and beethoven
all the classics

the sunlight penetrates a light rain
each droplet echoes the sound of the two instruments
and creates a dull hiss
as each splatters the ground
and the rhododendron leaves in the garden

under the large white vinyl tent
suspended by hollow aluminum poles
the guests are intoxicated by white dresses
black ties, and gold rings
but silver flutes
are of little consequence

soft and intimate
their tones saturate the air
beneath the tent
touching the bride and groom’s footsteps
as they walk down the aisle

intentions are consummated
the register is signed
and the flutes play on
even when the wedding is done
even when the future suddenly arrives:
a pile of dirty dishes
a dirty diaper
an overgrown lawn

first flute and second flute
are always one
fast against slow
melody and counter-melody
the interplay of parts

can lie assembled
resting in their cases
next to the altar

ready to play
when the couple’s children get married
or even at each other’s funeral