build an entire model train set in one night
use multiple gages if necessary

write a hundred poems
all really bad and perfect

disagree with every opinion
be the unsubstantiated debater you always hated

get angry with strangers for being strange
and those close to you for being close

drive your car too fast
spew forth profanities in public

glare at the acne faced teenager with green hair
he retorts with a glance
too close

balk at the anti-psychotic drugs
the mood stabilizers
and the anti-depressants
Epival, Lithium, Zyprexa, Prozak, Zoloft
you are not bipolar, you feel so energized

argue with old people because they are old
flatter the young for their virtues
their successes and their opinions are not yours
politics, you take
oh so personally

and then the medicine kicks in
you find some perspective

you finally feel ashamed of yourself --
you and your manic mouth
and hands