ChrisHalf400Flute 02





in a glass office tower
green window panes
reflect the December sun
a glowing ball
heated ember against glass

the board sits around a curvaceous glass table on the fourteenth floor
the number thirteen denied
the chairs around the table are made of a dull gray leather
hand stitched in the third world

the sun barely penetrates the glass windows
which are tinted --
natural light meets closed blinds
that hide the meeting from adjacent office towers

the air inside is stale
recycled to keep the germs outside

the florescent lights murmur
item 2.3 on the agenda
a loose discussion
I’ll second that motion
a voice from the table pipes up

voices quibble until the late hours
until the sun disappears behind the high-rises
and casts its shadows on the downtown core

Toronto is cold at night
especially inside the board rooms of the city
but on the outside
on the ground
even the littlest of germs
can have free range over the city
perhaps by walking down thirteenth avenue

but one shouldn’t stay there too long
either in the office tower
or on the street
for one might quickly freeze to death
and never know it