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Hiking and Climbing in the Present

Time goes on and our bodies get older, and weight is added along the mid-section.  I am no longer physically capable of the big climbs of my 20s.  But my heart and mind are still just as young, and the adventures continue regardless of age and time.


 Hozomeen Mountain from Snow Camp summit

Manning Park is a special place where you can wander high alpine ridges, enjoy the alpine flowers and savour some solitude.  Unlike other more popular areas of the Park, the Skyline trail will give you the space to be alone in your own thoughts and time to relish in the scenery.


 Lone Goat Mountain from Snowcamp Summit

The Skyline trail continues on to Lone Goat summit after Snowcamp Mountain.  I was surprised at how little time it actually took to travel from the location of this photo to the summit of Lone Goat.  It only seemed to take an hour or two.

 The town of Hope from the summit of Hope Mountain

It is quite amazing that the summit of Hope Mountain (over 6,000 feet) is actually less than 5 kilometers from Downtown Hope as the crow flies.  The major river in the photo is of course the Fraser River, and the major bridge across the river is the Trans Canada Highway as it heads North to the Fraser Canyon.  


 The Hope Mountain Traverse of Terror

Russell Noel took this photo of me on the descent from the summit of Hope Mountain.  I am about to descend a short exposed ledge that is affectionately nicknamed the traverse of terror.  A rope would probably be a good idea here if the rock was wet.


 Mount Thurston and Elk Mountain Hike

This photo was taken of me on the return trip from the summit of Mount Thurston (on the way to Elk Mountain).  It still impresses me just how little travel is needed to reach a rugged wilderness such as this.  The city of Chilliwack is still suprisingly close to my location.


 Who needs a trail anyways...

Yes, I still enjoy a good bushwack or alder thrash now and then.  This trip was no exception, and one of the worst in my illustrious hiking and climbing career.  Can you see me in the picture?  Perhaps this would make a good page in a "Where's Waldo?" book.

And when kids come into the picture, there is only one thing that can be done.  Teach them the ropes and bring them with you!

 Here is my 10 year old son climbing in sporting style in Squamish

This was my son's first outdoor rock climbing trip with me.  He also enjoyed watching his old man pull off some fine moves that day. 

  Near the summit of Silverdaisy Mountain

This photo of my son (who turned 10 six days prior), was taken during a successful hike to the 6,500 foot summit of Silverdaisy Mountain in 2014.  He is a great little hiking partner, and is both faster and has more stamina than I.  Even video games can't compete with scenery like this in the heart of a little boy.

Mount Cheam 2015

 The Cheam Caravan

Here comes the old man (me) ascending the Cheam Caravan.  These are the final switchbacks leading up to the final summit of Mount Cheam.  On a sunny summer weekend, there are often throngs of hikers to be found suffering through this section.

 Lady Peak form the Summit of Cheam

Here, my son Gavin (just turned 11 a few days prior) is admiring the impressive bulk that is Lady Peak from the summit of Mt. Cheam.

 You can't get any higher than this

If you are going to have lunch, it might as well be on the highest point on the mountain (Mount Cheam Summit).

 Looking Down on Spoon Lake

At the headwaters of Chipmunk Creek lies a large meadowed area.  Spoon lake is an interesting Geological feature in those meadows.  The Mount Cheam trail passes by the edge of the lake. 


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