Recordings In Progress

There are currently three new full length recording projects underway dedicated entirely to the musical compositions of Christopher Ludwig:

Listed in order of Anticipated Release/completion by Ludwig Recordings:

1) An album of Christopher Ludwig's works for flute

PROGRESS as of April 2017:  10 Tracks Recorded


 Jeff Pelletier - Flute, Alto Flute, Bass Flute and Piccolo  Alice Hu - Flute
 Danielle Marcinek - Piano  Tatiana Khvatova - Piano and Harpsichord
 Alina Khvatova - Violin  Frank Ludwig - Harpsichord

2) A new album of Christopher Ludwig's most recent Art Songs

PROGRESS as of April 2017:  7 Tracks Recorded


Cliff Ridley - Baritone Danielle Marcinek - Piano
Tatiana Khvatova - Piano Alina Khvatova - Violin

3) An album of Christopher Ludwig's works for two and three flutes

PROGRESS as of February 2017:  Discourse for Two Flutes Volume 0 complete (36 tracks Recorded)


Samantha Fu, Sammy Tseng - Flute

Proposed Future Recording Projects

1) Christopher Ludwig - The Early Keyboard Works


Danielle Marcinek - Piano